Who do you know? We need places to meet!

Speck Kevin Pratt

Growth! Yes, we’re growing so much that some of our small groups are bursting at the seams. On top of that, several of the meeting spaces we’ve been depending on aren’t going to be available at all soon. Do you, or any of your friends and acquaintances want to support what Sunday Assembly is doing by offering or helping to find appropriate spaces?

Gallery: Summer Carnival

Lori Laliberte

Click to see all the photos! For July we had a Summer Carnival where we shared stories, played games and shared food. Oh and there was ice cream and sangria lol.

A Conference Called Wonder

Ross Llewallyn

Everyone I talked to who went to A Conference Called Wonder at the end of May 2015 had an amazing, moving experience being surrounded by so many motivated, captivating individuals doing amazing work in their communities and in their areas of expertise, all building this amazing movement called Sunday Assembly.

November Assembly Recap

Steven Ricard

Written by Jesse Cummins We had a great time exploring gratitude at the November Sunday Assembly that was held at the First Existentialist Congregation of Atlanta. There were rockin’ tunes, ice breakers, a psychiatrist’s take on gratitude, and of course: food! To set the stage, before the main event there …


Sunday Assembly International Conference in Atlanta!

Kristy Gonzalaz

We are thrilled to announce that the 2015 Sunday Assembly International Conference will be in Atlanta on May 28-31, 2015! WoOOooT! This conference presents a tremendous opportunity for Sunday Assembly Atlanta to welcome the world into our community and to learn from organizers from assemblies all across the globe.


Prose and Cons – The Inaugural Gathering

Ross Llewallyn

Gina Gallois wrote this fine reflection on the first Prose and Cons meeting! You may have seen the Meet-up invitation for a writer’s support group go out on Facebook a few weeks ago. You may have considered it as I did before shaking your head and continuing to scroll down …


Ross Llewallyn

The following is a lovely prose poem written by Marti Keller, an attendee at our most recent volunteer event! Thank you so much for these eloquent thoughts.   Unhooked   Thought every day would be like Saturday late morning at Plaza Fiesta. Watching the little girls in red tutus holding …

Meaning in “Moments of Being”

Kristy Gonzalaz

My name is Kristy Gonzalez, and I wrote this blog post before our death themed assembly in July. My friend Nick asked me to write about how I find meaning in life for an atheist blog. I suppose the subtext there is that atheists are commonly regarded as lacking meaning …


Reflections on the One Life We Know We Have

Ross Llewallyn

Last Sunday, July 20th, the topic of Atlanta’s monthly Sunday Assembly was “death”. The leadership insisted this did not mean the entire evening would be a depressing slog, and they were right. The personal stories, music, and themes emphasized an embracing of the finality of life as both a motivator …