The Leadership Team

Ross Llewallyn

President, Band Co-Director

Ross graduated from Georgia Tech and now works at the Georgia Tech Research Institute as a software engineer. He enjoys asking questions, communicating, gaming, and learning. Don’t get him started talking about podcasts, though.

Ross is very interested in creating positive secular community, of which he believes SAA is an important part.

At Sunday Assembly Atlanta, Ross is president and co-band director. He also records and posts assemblies and other videos. A native millennial, he speaks Twitter fluently.

Marla Dufek

Operations Manager, Life Lab Director, Board Member

Marla is a communications specialist responsible for providing support and coordination services to a broad variety of clientele.

She has held many positions including a department manager, a barter-exchange broker, a training programs manager, a Realtor, an assistant personnel manager, and a volunteer coordinator.

At Sunday Assembly Atlanta, Marla provides general project management and community support. She participates in as many small group events as she can. Marla loves the great community we’re building!

Andy D

Secretary, Board Member

Andy has several decades’ worth of experience in reporting and analysis with a focus on human resources and the health-insurance industry.

He has been a web developer, database administrator, corporate trainer, and international-market researcher.

He enjoys helping seniors use technology to remain connected to family and friends, meditating and chatting with friends, and volunteering with the Mad Housers.

Andy helps Sunday Assembly Atlanta understand our financial past and future.

Anna Varinsky

Board Member, Small Group Host

Anna likes technology, knitting and building community.

At Sunday Assembly Atlanta she helps many small groups happen and is constantly looking for ways to start new initiatives in our community.

Randall Cumbaa

Treasurer, Board Member

With newfound time in retirement, Randall has volunteered to look after our finances for his mindfulness meditation friends.

Kristy Gonzalez


Kristy Gonzalez is a self-described dreamer, transcendence-seeker, and fanatical kaleidoscope collector. A teacher by day, Kristy is convinced teaching children to question everything, revel in wonder, and show compassion could change the world.

She is also an avid proponent of strengthening the freethought community and, to this end, she serves as Community Creator of Sunday Assembly Atlanta. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and mindfulness meditation.