Sunday Assembly Atlanta’s Fourth Birthday

Ross Llewallyn

A bit over 4 years ago, on December 6th, 2013, some ambitious secular people in Atlanta, inspired by some British comedians, found a space, set up chairs, AV, and a riser, convinced figures in the community to come to speak on that riser, and wondered who would attend the next morning to what would be the very first Atlanta Sunday Assembly.

Since then, the SAA community has filled that space and others like it over and over, celebrating life, helping others, and wondering about the world. Through gathering we have grown and changed. We have lost people yet found others.

But a continuity of core values remains that guides and inspires us to keep going; to keep creating spaces for people where they might not otherwise exist; to keep trusting in our community that what we do is important and desired. It’s amazing to reflect upon how easily those spaces could have remained empty, how none of this has to exist. Yet we make it, and we infuse it with meaning.

December is Sunday Assembly Atlanta’s birthday, and we’re excited to be celebrating our fourth and entering our fifth year of amazing opportunities. Through the new year we’ll be focusing on how to bring SAA to even greater heights. Join us, won’t you?

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