Who do you know? We need places to meet!

Sunday Assembly

Growth! Yes, we’re growing so much that some of our small groups are bursting at the seams. On top of that, several of the meeting spaces we’ve been depending on aren’t going to be available at all soon. Do you, or any of your friends and acquaintances want to support what Sunday Assembly is doing by offering or helping to find appropriate spaces?

“Why don’t people like me congregate? We should congregate,” said a recent SA newbie. Sunday Assembly Atlanta is just such an effort. We’re working hard to create engaging, useful and supportive environments for secular and secular-friendly folks to make friends and find community. When you’re looking at spaces and thinking about who you know, think who might like to support such an effort even if they’re not part of SA directly.

What we need:

  • Evenings (6:30pm – 11pm) and weekends (~12 meetings a month, more if we grow significantly)
  • Room to sit 20+ comfortably. Most discussion groups will likely max out at 25, activity groups can get larger if we have the space.
  • Free parking at the venue or nearby.
  • Downtown, Midtown, Decatur….. Most of our people live in, east or north of Atlanta. Near a MARTA station a plus.
  • Bathrooms, prep space for snacks/drinks a plus.
  • Climate controlled. We don’t want people sweating or shivering. A pleasant and inviting space is a plus.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Free or cheap. ~$100/month. We can pay a little more if we have to but it will mean sacrificing other programs to make it happen.
  • Long term, we’d like to stay for at least a year or so.
  • Bonuses: Chairs, storage space for our chairs, projector and PA system, larger spaces we can use in the same location for potlucks, assemblies and speakers.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Business conference rooms/reception areas. (Will likely mean knowing someone who works there).
  • Churches, lodges, community centers.
  • Restaurants that close at night.
  • Schools/professional development classrooms.
  • Anything you can think of!

If you think you can help or know someone who can, follow the link to comment below and let us know of any leads you might have. If you’d rather speak to us privately, feel free to contact us.

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