The Sunday Assembly

The cornerstone of our monthly calendar is the Sunday Assembly itself. It is an hour-long presentation with an inspiring speaker, a thoughtful reading, song performances, and more. Afterward we continue sharing together with a potluck dinner. The Assembly typically takes place on the third Sunday of each month, at 5:30 pm.

Activity Groups


At the heart of Sunday Assembly is the weekly meditation group. We gather to cultivate a secular practice of mindfulness meditation focusing on practical applications to everyday life. Following the half-hour or so of meditation that begins at 7:00 pm each Wednesday, participants often continue to enjoy each other’s company by going out to dinner.


A monthly outing out into the world walking and hiking. We enjoy each other’s company, explore new spaces, and recharge from urban living. We choose differing difficulties each outing so that everyone can have a chance to go.


Too busy to be creative? Have a art project you’ve been neglecting? Please join us monthly as we share with one another our respective paths as artists. Some of us are just starting to identify that way while others are marketing and selling work online, etc. The group will be a supportive place for you to explore your journey. Bring a project to work on with friends for the evening.

Discussion Groups


Our mission to “Wonder More” does not apply only to scientific inquiry; we also want to wonder more about philosophy, society, and culture. Wonder Club is our monthly meeting to do just that and discuss a pressing, controversial, or otherwise intriguing topic facing our world today. Meetings are typically at 7:30 pm on a Friday each month.


Sunday Assembly helps us all “Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More”. In this meetup, we will support one another’s efforts to “Live Better”. Once a month, this Wonder Club-style event will involve group discussion, exercises, and challenges around a selected topic related to personal and interpersonal development and skills. Please bring your ideas, experiences, and challenges to discuss, or just listen and learn with us.


Reading may be a solitary experience, but appreciating the written word doesn’t have to be. Fiction and nonfiction alike can inspire ideas and discussions, and our monthly Book Club is an opportunity to have those discussions. Books that touch on the foundational principles of Sunday Assembly are chosen and announced in advance, and the meetings are held at 7:00 pm once a month.


This is a lively exchange of ideas about ten of the most important technologies that make up transhumanist thought, including virtual reality, gene therapy, nanotechnology, cybernetics, cryonics, and general AI. We discuss how these technologies and more can lead our world into a state of abundance, defined as everyone having enough for the basics of life. There will be super-haves still, but no longer will it be a world of have/have-nots. We discuss how politics and economics must change to make this age of abundance a reality. This group meets once a month.


Support Groups


We wish to create a supportive environment where people can share their experiences and issues, where they will be heard, validated, and accepted. We take an evidence-based approach to our understanding of mental health. This group should not substitute for a therapist, however. This group meets weekly on Tuesday night.


Social Groups


Come join us for an informal social discussion group for LGBTQ people who are looking for community with secular, atheist, agnostic and other similar-minded people. While we don’t tell other people whether they should believe, this is a group for those who find themselves unable or unwilling to engage with religion or spiritualism as a practice. This happens monthly.


Sunday Assembly helps us all “Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More”. In this meetup, we will support one another’s efforts to “Wonder More”. About once a month we explore some event or location in Atlanta together, helping us appreciate the city and have new, fun experiences outside our normal lives.