A Conference Called Wonder

Ross Llewallyn

Everyone I talked to who went to A Conference Called Wonder at the end of May 2015 had an amazing, moving experience being surrounded by so many motivated, captivating individuals doing amazing work in their communities and in their areas of expertise, all building this amazing movement called Sunday Assembly.

We in Atlanta were honored to have it held here, and I know how much work went into putting it on by some of our leaders. The assembly at the end of the conference was a great culminating moment for all of us.

So many wonderful thoughts have been shared in the wake of the event, especially on Facebook. Some more shareable posts were on Patheos and SundayAssembly.com. Trust me when I say that these single impressions struggle to do it all justice.

We’re creating an amazing, inspired group of people that just keeps on growing. I can’t wait for next year.

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