Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday Assembly Atlanta is currently a monthly event that meets the third Sunday of each month.
The Assembly program runs for over an hour, followed by a potluck meal.
Yes. All assemblies are child-friendly, so your kids are welcome to attend. We aim to have an area specifically designated for children at each assembly with toys, crayons, coloring books, and a caregiver to supervise the children so parents can enjoy the assembly.
Of course. RSVPs help us plan for chairs, space, and food, but they are not required. We are a growing community, and it helps immensely to know how large a crowd to anticipate. However, in the unlikely event that we have more attendees than fire codes can accommodate, we will admit on a first come, first served basis, and not based on RSVPs.
Sundays are generally laid back days for most people. Many businesses are closed, and there’s not a lot of activity around town. Sunday is a convenient day to meet for most people due to the lack of scheduling conflicts. We also have a few other events on other days to accommodate a variety of schedules.
Two comedians, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones were on their way to a gig in a car (VW Polo, if you like detail) when they started talking about the idea of a church without God. Pippa had been a Christian and found, when she stopped believing, she missed church (community, volunteering, music) rather than God and Sanderson had noticed the joy at Christmas created by carol concerts and wondered if it was possible to harness all those good bits to celebrate the awesome fact that we are alive.

And so they decided if they had both thought of it, probably more people had thought of it, so they should just get on and do it. In Jan 2013 they did just that. Over 200 people turned up to the first event and since then and more turn up every fortnight in London. They haven’t looked back, with an ever-growing number of assemblies across the globe.

Absolutely not. We say in the Charter that we don’t do supernatural but we won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do. One of the unique things about Sunday Assembly is that it is radically inclusive – allowing us to celebrate life together, regardless of what we believe in.
Nope! For centuries, religious churches were one of the best ways to find community and support. A constantly growing population of people who do not identify with any religion decided to take charge and make a place for communities of our own. Everyone is welcome to Sunday Assembly, but there’s a special emphasis on life without religion.
The phrase “atheist church” was something we used when starting out. It seemed like a good shorthand phrase to explain what it is (and definitely helped us get press attention which has been vital in getting Sunday Assembly off the ground). However, we focus not on atheism but instead on celebrating life.
The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation. That means we don’t discuss God or the supernatural at our services. We openly and eagerly welcome anyone interested in joining our community, regardless of faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, or age. Unlike the Unitarian Universalist Church, we are not rooted in the Christian faith, and we do not draw heavily from religious tradition.
Awesome, come to our forums and ask away!