The Sunday Assembly Atlanta Library

From the generous donation of Sunday Assembly Atlanta members, our community now has a small collection of books for sharing! Especially prominent in our collection are selections by and about the secular community.

The checkout process is online. Simply peruse the list and fill out the form with what you’d like to check out. We’ll meet you at an upcoming event to get your selections to you.

If you’d like to donate books, we’ll happily receive them. Use the same form for checking out a book to do so. Thank you!

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Book Reviews

If you read or have read any books in our collection, we invite you to write a review to get other people interested and build a little reading community.

March: Book One

March is a series I consider essential to understanding everything about the civil rights movement, from the big moments we all recognize to the smaller moments of conflict and strategy. It is a powerful and exciting read.” – Ross

Book Review

In this secular version of heaven, friends and acquaintances who died before the main character help him explore and explain life events. The ending is foreshadowed but unexpected. Have Kleenex ready.” – Ben B

Book Review

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